Bookmarking In Real Life
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What to Read When You Need More Jane Austen

Bookmarking In Real Life

Bookmarking In Real Life

I’ve never been a fan of bookmarks. I’m always afraid of trashing a gorgeous bookmark and having to get rid of it. Or I’m afraid that the bookmark will break my books! When it comes down to it, I have an attachment problem (because I can’t throw items away) and I have a perfection problem (because I can’t allow a book…

Jane Austen’s Dashing Men Ranked

I continually profess my devotion to all things Jane Austen (I’m practically a Janeite if only I could make it official somehow). I adore her and feel like we would have been friends. She would have made all the difference in...

Summer Mix Tape 2016

As someone once said, “There’s always a reason to have a mixtape.” Okay, it was Rob Sheffield from one of the first books I read when I started to get back into reading. (By the way it’s a fantastic book....